Research and development

Development projects

  • Erasmus + KA2 Capacity Building in Higher Education project GEOBIZ
  • Epidemic Location Intelligence System: expert system for monitoring and prevention of the spread COVID-19 ELIS
  • Land valorization using the geospatial analysis methods and artificial intelligence,
  • BIS (Business Intelligence Systems) integration with LIS (Location Intelligence Systems),
  • Development of data models for the requirements of unique information system in the area of spatial planning and land usage and space protection on all levels in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Webportals models development for simple information approach
  • Open source technologies evaluation as the alternative to used commercial solutions in domestic organizations.

Co-operation with academic and scientific-research community

  • Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • University of Sarajevo
  • University of Tuzla
  • University of Banja Luka
  • NALAZ – Biomedical Diagnostics and Research Bureau Sarajevo
  • Physical Planning Bureau Mostar

International Projects

GAUSS GIS Center actively co-operates with other development-research centers, faculties and institutes in the region and wider. There is a number of referential project having science-research importance and realized in our region (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia) and outside of it (Austria, Germany). These projects resulted in numerous scientific works on prestigious and expert conferences.