About us

Center for Geospatial Research Sarajevo (GIS Center) was founded at the end of 2011 as a development-research center as a part of GAUSS, Ltd. Tuzla. It has grown up from the Center for Education (LICE . Location Intelligence Center of Excellence) and represents a part of GAUSS Company technological development program and co-operation with academic institutions and other research centers.

In this sense, GIS Center establishes and implements co-operation with many other domestic, regional ad European development-research centers, and lots of educational, scientific and development institutions.


The main idea of GIS Center is to establish a hub to gather, generate and transfer the knowledge in geoinformations application through users’ organizations focusing on market development, business improvement and strengthening expert profiles in this area.

Aim and tasks

The aim of GIS Center is to enable an expert, educational and technological support to geoinformation technology users through development-research projects and consulting services of development and application of new methodologies and systems for geoinformation management.

GIS Center enables this support through:

  • Research –research projects work through co-operation with domestic and foreign academic and science-research institutions, and manufacturers and users;

  • Technologiccal innovations –the development of new technologies, evaluation and transfer of existing technologies, new systems development and application, the introduction of new tools, methods and techniques in geospatial research;

  • Planning – helping to develop strategic document, plans, development projects and specifications related to the needs of users’ organizations;

GIS center tasks are:

  • Organization of conferences, seminars and presentations connected to different expert opinions and the areas of geoinformation technologies application,

  • Implementation of continuous trainings through specialist programs of wholelife learning, technical education of users and improvement of academic staff for the needs of application and development of geoinformation systems in different forms of academic education,

  • Technological developmment monitoring in the areas of geoinformation and informing of interested users on trends and innovations connected to the market and scientific research,

  • Starting, organizing and management of research-development projects related to geoinformation application,

  • Promotion (publishing of experts works and articles, materials, information and public comments) and implementation of other activities related to market development in different areas of geoinformation technologies application,

  • Consulting services of projecting, development and application of geoinformation systems and

  • Development of different forms of co-operation with academic community, professional and occupational associations, NGOs and government organizations and institutions related to the development of department areas through the implementation of geospatial information.


Address: Maršala Tita 7, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Phone/fax: +387(0)33 202 547
Email: ab.sig@ofni