One of our tasks is the organization of conferences, seminars and presentations related to various expertise and areas of application of GeoInformation technologies, monitoring of technological development in the field of geoinformatics and informing of interested users on trends and innovations related to the market and scientific research, as well as promotion (publishing of expert papers and articles, materials, information and public comments) and conducting other activities related to market development in various fields of application of geoinformation technologies.

  • 3D Indoor Mobile Mapping and UAV, Faculty of Mining, Geology and Civil Engineering – University of Tuzla, 11. March 2020
  • Conference “Location Intelligence”: Hotel Mellain, Tuzla, 10. Maj 2018.
  • Road show: Coffee at noon with GAUSS: Banja Luka, Sarajevo, Mostar i Tuzla, 2015.
  • Forum on Managing Water Utility Assets, Jahorina 2013.
  • Bentley GeoForum about mapping and spatial data management, Sarajevo 2013.
  • GPS roadshow: Coffee with GAUSS, Sarajevo, Mostar, Banja Luka, Bihać i Tuzla 2013.
  • The Conference “Spatial Information Management in Local Government”, Vlašić, 2012.
  • Forum on solutions for INSPIRE directive and NIPP, Sarajevo, 2011.
  • Conference “Geo Web Technologies”, Sarajevo, 2010.
  • Open Grand GPS workshops: “The Application of GPS technology for GIS and geodesy”, Sarajevo i Banja Luka, 2009.
  • GIS Forum – “Intelligent eGovernment”, Sarajevo i Banja Luka, 2008.